EBT, CBTA & Legacy training capable. Load your own training curriculums.

Use for Pilot training (EBT, CBTA or legacy).
Initials, recurrent, operating experience, line checks, command assessments, etc.

Use for DG CBTA training.
Groups A to E, Instructors & Assessors.

Use for Cabin Crew training.
Initials, recurrent, line checks, in-charge assessments, etc.

Data-driven training.
Gradings captured form the source of data-driven training. Analyse fleet vs fleet, instructors grading, individuals (pilot, cabin crew, etc.) vs fleet or airline, etc.

Load your training curriculum.
For example, the applicable events for the year for pilot recurrent training (3-year cycle). 

Use for any training in the airline where an assessment is required.
Ditching, Slide-jump, Firefighting, Ramp, Base Station Radio, etc.

1-5 and 1-4 grading scales.
Customize your event, BI/OB grading scales.

Create your own e-Learning modules/ courses.

Part 141 Compliant.
Regulated and non-regulated courses.

Manage expiries pro-actively. See which courses are due to expire by staff member, by course, by department, or by station.

Expiries and Certificates.
Auto-generates expiry dates and generation of certificates.

Link to Training Module.
Ensure theoretical training (e-Learning) successfully completed before practical assessment can be commenced. For example, Dangerous Goods CBTA.

Fully auditable. 
System auto revision control, and high-level visibility of student activity and results.

Real Return on Investment.

Easy to calculate the meaningful returns achieved, especially when deployed to multiple stations.

Hold all training records electronically

Training, e-Learning and the ability upload externally obtained certificates allows the operator/ATO to hold ALL training records electronically.
Reduce the stress of Audits.

Create a pool of applicants that match your required profile.

Completely online solution.
From application to technical exams to interviews to checks all performed online. Build a pool of applicants.

Applies to all positions.
Pilots, Cabin Cew, Engineers, Ground Staff, Administrative positions, etc.

Customize recruitment process per position.
Create unique recruitment processes per position. For example, pilots require sim checks, engineers require technical exams, etc.

Rank applicants.
Unique ranking capabilities filter applicants that best meet your requirements to the top of the list. Always select the best applicants according to your unique attributes instead of manually reviewing resumes. Reduce attrition rates.

Significantly reduce Human Resource administrative burden.
System drastically reduces the overhead on HR. Only basic computer skills required to administer. 

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